Michelle, Frankie, and Mr O Playing
Michelle, Frankie, and Mr O

Thanks for visiting My Pet Script, we are very happy you are here! My name is Frankie, I am the beautiful red head and this is my annoying little brother Otis but my Hu-Mum always calls him “handsome”. We are Basenji’s, we live in Perth, and we have been carefully training our humans to provide a constant supply of treats and cuddles.

Our Hu-Mum pretends to be very busy and occasionally forgets to give us our flea and worm treatments, which is sad - because we miss out on getting a big bone to chew on after she puts it on us. So, our humans looked for a subscription based service that could deliver our treatments when they were due, but couldn’t find one! Therefore our Hu-Mum decided she would have to do it herself! And that, my friends, is how My Pet Script was conceptualised (thats a big word - did I mention we are really smart?)

Did you know we cant bark - but don’t worry, we yodel?! And we use our cleverness to trick the humans into keeping us busy, we like to go walkies - Every. Single. Day. We rely on our Hu-Mum and Hu-Dad to make sure we get treated like royalty. That is how I know you will love the convenience of MPS, because although we (me especially) are their favourites, they believe all fur babies deserve the best, plus you no longer have to remember about keeping up to date with their treatments.

We haven’t forgotten about our Brothers and Sisters that do not have castles to live in and humans to spoil them though, and we want to help. Therefore every transaction processed, MPS will give $1 to a Shelter or Animal Rescue. That means when you sign up, $1 of your monthly fee will go towards getting these poor babies the help they need! If you want to check out what we are up to, and where your money is going, head to our facebook page.

BONUS ALERT: You might get to see some more photos of us being super cute - if you are lucky enough.

Thanks for stopping by, please give your fur baby a big pat for us!

Frankie and Mr O

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